Our Mission

Provide customers with monitoring solutions that are energy efficient and data driven.

Create quality relationships through development of market demanding technology.

Provide reliable, confident products and services at competitive value.

Flow-Thru Sensors (FTS) | Electrical Submersible Pump Sensors (ESP) | Solar Power Advantage - ADM’s sensors provide critical monitoring of well-bore and production parameters, suited for any artificial lifting system.

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About ADM

Advanced Downhole Monitoring LLC (adm sensors) is an oil industry leader, revolutionizing how gas and oil production data is collected, transmitted, and analyzed. By creating and utilizing the latest technology, ADM develops unique tools to optimize profit opportunities for producing companies. ADM Sensors products and data software for oil wells has proved essential for companies worldwide.

ADM Sensors delivers innovative products to the oil and gas community that dramatically improve how data is collected and shared. We ensure that our energy initiatives meet or exceed energy standards and conservation desires for the client.


Let ADM Sensors provide you dependable products coupled with unparalleled service.  More information can be found in our e-brochure (ADM_eBrochure.pdf) or by contacting us directly.